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CostadelSolTMK, is an agency specialized in PPC and Web Analytics, with experience in the management of SEM projects. Advanced measurement: We measure each and every one of the relevant aspects of a website to improve and optimize it. We are certified analysts, specialists in Google Analytics and our entire strategy is based on measurement. We are specialized in giving more visibility to the products and / or services of our customers in Google. You can advertise in various formats: Texts, graphics, dynamic ads, ads in video format, ads sponsored content in blogs or social networks, etc. The cost of our management (Agency Cost) does not include the cost of campaigns, which customer will pay directly to Google Ads, either with your credit card or bank account.

What I Do

- Results Oriented: Our goal is to "Sell more"!
- We make detailed monthly reports and give telephone or email support.
- We are specialized in competitive sectors.
- Account owned by the client.

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